Bottom paint

The best bottom paint varies depending on the type of boat you have and the way you use it. Generally you can expect to need to haul out your boat for new bottom paint every 2-3 years if you are properly taking care of your investment. We have found the following to be true.

Serious Racer:

  • Best bottom paint is a sprayed Interlux VC Offshore bottom which is a hard epoxy bottom that still has some anti-fouling. Requires frequent cleanings but the paint holds up will with it and is ultra smooth and hard which equals fast.


  • If you are a racer but don't want to pay for the extra frequent cleanings then we recommend a sprayed bottom of Pettit Trinidad SR with Ingrol. It is generally good for every other week cleanings and does a good job of slowing growth.


  • I recommend a rolled on bottom of Pettit Trinidad SR with Ingrol again as it cleans up easy, stays clean the longest and lasts well. (This is what I put on my personal 26' Powerboat.)

  • There are some new options out there that we hope to have better information on in the near future but for right now that is what we are confident in recommending.